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TCW stands for The Confident Woman, which was named after the book "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. Every girl should read the scripture at least once no matter what area you are in life. TCW keeps your love tank FULL; Yes self-love. When you love yourself and your lifestyle, it’s easier to be nice and love others, and when you are nice to others, you shower yourself with blessings. TCW does not symbolize perfection; it denotes truth. When you are true to yourself, life seems to make added sense. How do you stay truth to yourself? By having the confidence to be you, your unique self; and we believe confidence begins with being well dressed; walking into a room with pride is a confident sign; pride does not signify pushing people aside, it represents being able to talk and socialize with everyone in the room. It is important to always walk in with your your head high. This quality begins with feeling good about you, and feeling good about yourself begins with people admiring your clothing piece, because that’s really the first thing that's seen.